Tuesday, January 03, 2006

French Lolita: Vanessa Paradis

In 87' the young french lolita released her first song "Joe Le Taxi". It was a hit in 15 countries. Later followed a debutrecord, and in 1990 french music mastermind Serge Gainsbourg produced her brilliant second album Variations sur le Meme T'Aime. Now she was a superstar in France and wanted to go international. Lenny Kravitz produced her english album in 1992, which has minor hit songs as 'Be my baby' and 'Sunday Monday'.
Then she took a break from her musiccarrier to pursue a new acting carrier. Most famous for her role in the prizewinning 'La Fille Sur Le Pont' (Girl on the bridge). 8 years passed, and finally in 2000 she released her most beautiful album to date, Bliss. The lolita was gone, Vanessa Paradis was now a sexy 28-year old mother to longtime partner Johnny Depps 2 kids.
I love Vanessa Paradis music and her song 'Dans Mon Café' inspired my blogname.
I really like her sexy husky voice - it has such innocence and honesty.

Bliss - (Live Au Zenith, 2001)


Joe Le Taxi


Guuzbourg said...

hey, welcome aboard!

Bruno said...

Great start! Wish you all the best,Bruno.

Wouter said...

Always nice to hear more french music. Keep up the good work!