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Giorgio Moroder

Godfather of Italian disco, Giorgio Moroder's own (crazy) version of the theme from the famous 'Muppet Show'. It is included on the Italian various artists CD "Arriva La Bomba - The Easiest Italian Party of the Year" It has also been released in France under the name 'Stop Studio Group' and reissued in Jan 1977 as a German single under the name 'Stammer the Hammer'.
Annoying or just genial? You decide.

Giorgio Moroder: Mah-na mah-na (1968)

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Poland can pop? Sure! Just listen to this little gem from 1967. Katarzyna Sobczyk (born 1945) was Polands 60's girl and queen of pop.

Yes another repost, because it's so good.
The rare Jacqueline Taieb record on ebay *sigh* I can only dream ;)

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The Savage Rose

A post from last year, but since my visitors has increased, I would like to repost and expose the fantastic music to new visitors as well. says:
One of the most well-known rock groups from Continental Europe, Denmark's Savage Rose recorded a wealth of intriguing and eclectic progressive rock in the late '60s and '70s. In their early work, one hears faint echoes of the Airplane, Doors, Pink Floyd, and other psychedelic heavyweights combined with classical jazz and Danish-Euro folk elements. Their arrangements rely heavily on an incandescent, watery organ that sounds like nothing so much as psychedelic aquarium music. The most striking aspect of the band's sound, however, was the vocals of lead singer Annisette. Her childish wispy and sensual phrasing can suddenly break into jarring, almost histrionic wailing, like a Janis Joplin with Yoko Ono-isms, and eerily foreshadows Kate Bush's style.
Stars in their native land, Savage Rose also achieved a bit of underground success abroad, and several of their albums were released in North America. Between 1968 and 1978, the group released nine albums, moving from vaguely psychedelic rock and heavily gospel.

"...Hundreds of thousands have experienced the magic of this band, who have walked barefoot across the planet, among the lowliest, voicing their hope, longing, dreams, pain and struggle........."David Fricke(Senior editor "Rolling Stone") on The Savage Rose (2000)

The Savage Rose - A Girl I Knew
The Savage Rose - Long Before I Was Born

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Hedika

Another rare song from the lovely Hungarian Hédika!

Hédika - L'amour c'est tout ou rien

Anyone have this book? Is it filled with yummy rare pics and articles?

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Trude Herr

Trude 'Tutti' Herr (b. 4 May 1927, Cologne, d. 16 March 1991, in Provence) was a German actress, singer, and theatre director.

A loooong biography about her here (in German, urgh;)
I would love to know more about her, so any contribute are more than welcome.

As me and Spikedcandy talked about, it's really hard to find quality German pophits that isn't cheesy schlager. Here is the best 1.56 m Deutsch dolls ever, full of humour and self-irony. I do hope you will enjoy these fantastic pophits by her.
Buy her best of cd
Germans Under Cover blog

Trude Herr - Ich will keine Schokolade

Her breakthrough single from 1959.
She want's a man, not chocolate (but of course we don't believe her)

'Ich will keine Schokolade' is a repost, by a request. QQF was kind to translate the lyrics.

Trude Herr - Weil Ich so sexy bin

I love how she pronouche 'sexy'!

From 1961.

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Petula Clark

Petula Clark, (born November 15, 1932), is an English singer, actress and composer, best known for her upbeat popular international hits of the 1960s. Remember "Downtoown, things will be great when you're dooowntooown"? Sure you do. Yep that's her. She lived in France for some years, before she got her global breakthrough. I'm really not into her English stuff, but the French - wowzie it's great!

Petula wrote this song as a James Bond theme, apparently disappointed that she wasn't given the chance to do such a theme. It's no secret that I love James Bond music, but this song just isn't for Bond - it's too uptempo and fun - but still love it though! (I have no idea what the male puke sounds is about, maybe it's suppose to sound like a fight?)
Update: Thanks to Le Chpoum, we now have the English translation of the song. Go to the comments and try to follow the lyrics while playing the song. I did that, and I like it even more now!

Petula Clark - L'agent secret

Credit and more info: Wikipedia

Yma Sumac

Peruvian exotica diva, Yma Sumac, was a phenomenon in the music world during the early 1950's. With an amazing vocal range of four octaves, this attractive, mysterious woman with a voluptuous figure catapulted onto the American music scene with a 10" album "Voice Of Xtabay" that topped the US charts in 1950. Everything surrounding Yma Sumac had an air of mystery about it, she was said to have been born in a tiny village in the Peruvian high Andes and was a descendant of the Inca Kings and her exotic repertoire was said to be based on Inca legends.

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Nicole Paquin

Nicole Paquin (real name Nicole Desbiolles) was born in Paris in 1940. She was launched as the first French female rock'n'roller, when she began performing in 1958. This girl did all in a few years: comedian, actress, dancer, painter, writer, singer and journalist. In 1961 she had a small role in Jean-Luc Godard's 'Une femme est une femme'.
That year, she also recorded two 45t ep's for Polydor.
Her successes were "Comme in clou" (adapted from Elvis Presley -Stuck on you) and "Mon mari c'est Frankenstein" (adapted from Phil Spector). She gave up rock'n'roll in 1962 considering the difficulty being a girl in rock'n'roll industry.
After that, she got her own headline section for "Salut les copains" in the weekly magazine CinéMonde and in the monthly magazine Age Tendre.
She briefly reappeared in 1966 with the group Les Minets.

Nicole Paquin - Comme un clou

For more Nicole, check Schlocker

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Credit: RetroJeunesse

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George De Giafferi - Sado Maso

With a Jean-Yanne mouth and sideburns, George De Giafferi sings this hilarious song, making fun of sadism and masochism. The song opens with the Giaferri screaming "Oooow! That's GOOD!" then leads to exchanges like: Man: It's time for you to get whipped! Woman: Oh great, I love that! Man: Now burn my chest! Woman: With what my love? Man: Use your cigarette! Woman: It's smells like grilled pork! If someone have a full translation, please tell me!
I would love to have this one on vinyl! Have a good laugh with this cult classic and remember to watch the video before you download the mp3.
Credit: Scopitones

George De Giafferi - Sado Maso (mp3)
George De Giafferi - Sado Maso (video)

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Real name: Sylvia Hedika Penzes b. Budapest, Hungary, 1946.
Her parents worked the music-hall circuit. In 1961, aged 15 she won the "Miss Juke Box Paris" competition, organized by Eddie Barclay. That year she cut two EPs for Festival. The tracks were all rock numbers including covers of songs popularised by Elvis and Chubby Checker. Her voice is quite raw and shrill, with a lot of youthful energy. All eight tracks appear on 'Twistin' the Rock Volume 4' (shared with Nicole Paquin). After spending the 60s performing in clubs, Hédika retired from the music scene in 1971.

I just love Hédikas energy. What a cutie. You can find her song 'Hey Pony' on Ultra Chicks vol. 3

Hédika - Il ne veut plus être un dragueur (Shoppin' Around)

Buy cd/Listen to clips

Source: YYG

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Annie Phillippe

Born 17/12/1946, Menilmontant, France.
Philippe was discovered when she was around the age of 17; it has variously been reported that at the time she was a disc jockey in a Paris nightclub called Twenty-One discotheque or that she was working in a record shop by day and as an exotic dancer at night. At any rate, she began releasing discs in 1964 under the direction of Paul Mauriat, arranger for Charles Aznavour, and famed in the U.S. a few years later for his huge easy-listening instrumental hit "Love Is Blue." Mauriat also co-wrote a couple of Philippe's discs, which went all over the map as far as '60s pop went.

Annie Phillippe - C'est la mode

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Arlette Zola

Swinging Swiss mademoiselle Arlette Zola was born Arlette Jaquet in the city of Fribourg on April 29, 1949. Her mother and stepfather ran the Restaurant de la Grand-Fontaine there. Still a child, she already sang for the guests, accompanying herself on the guitar. The driving force behind her career was her stepfather, René Quazzola, from whose surname Arlette’s stage name is derived. He financed Arlette Zola’s first record and built up contacts with the music industry. Soon, Arlette Zola adorned the front pages of teenie magazines, appeared in many TV programs and gave live performances at home and abroad. Her 1967 guest appearances in Brazil and in Bulgaria, where she won an international song contest, deserve special mention. She also aroused interest in Germany and made a considerable number of recordings there. But there were no more major hits. As of 1970 Arlette Zola gradually withdrew from show business. Arlette resurfaced in 1982 as Switzerland's entrant in the Eurovision Song Contest singing 'Amour on t'aime' which finished 3rd. Today, Arlette Zola lives in Fribourg, works in a restaurant, owns a fashion boutique, and as I can see from a concert calender on her website, she still performs to this day.

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