Monday, January 15, 2007

Trude Herr

Trude 'Tutti' Herr (b. 4 May 1927, Cologne, d. 16 March 1991, in Provence) was a German actress, singer, and theatre director.

A loooong biography about her here (in German, urgh;)
I would love to know more about her, so any contribute are more than welcome.

As me and Spikedcandy talked about, it's really hard to find quality German pophits that isn't cheesy schlager. Here is the best 1.56 m Deutsch dolls ever, full of humour and self-irony. I do hope you will enjoy these fantastic pophits by her.
Buy her best of cd
Germans Under Cover blog

Trude Herr - Ich will keine Schokolade

Her breakthrough single from 1959.
She want's a man, not chocolate (but of course we don't believe her)

'Ich will keine Schokolade' is a repost, by a request. QQF was kind to translate the lyrics.

Trude Herr - Weil Ich so sexy bin

I love how she pronouche 'sexy'!

From 1961.


Kate said...


Anonymous said...

.. you shouldn't miss the movie "Die Bettwurst" (pts. 1 & 2)(Gay-) German Director Rosa von Praunheim made in the 70s w/ Trude Herr starring the female part of a love story that was shot all "impromtu" (without prefixed dialogs) with the intention to "show the frustrations of the society" (RvP). It's one of my alltime favorite movies, simply hilarious!!! (at least if one understands German)...

Michael Vee

Lush said...

Hey Kate, aaw yeah isn't it? I am totally addicted check this link :D weird germans!

hey Michael, I would LOVE to see her in a movie. Will check if its avaibl. with English lyrics!! thanks for the recommendation.

R. said...

Germany wasn't the best place for pop, but a hell of a country for EZ. Plus the schlager LPs and singles had a sehr cool sleeve aesthetics. Just can't be cool without Germany of yore, good folks.

On the schlager phenomenon: funny how people outside of Scandinavia remain ignorant of one of the ugliest music scenes around: Swedish schlager music. Really! Of course Sweden makes up for this grimness by an otherwise rich and unique music canon. But on the issue of schlager music, I'll so take Germany any day. It often a sense of humour. In that respect Finland must be dug too.

In case anybody wondered ;)

nick-motown said...

Well, German Schlager definitely is no fun, but there are a few songs being quite okay (or funny at least).
Maybe you want to try these (not all Schlager, but at least German:

- HILDEGARD KNEF, known as an actress, singer and writer, did quite a few good songs. For example "Für mich soll's rote Rosen regnen" (Let red roses rain on me), "Das Jahr 2000" (The year 2000), "Von nun an ging's bergab" (also released in a quite funny english version called "From now on it got rough") or "Eins und eins, das macht zwei" (One and one equals two).

- TV actress JOHANNA VON KOCZIAN did a funny song in 1977 called "Das bisschen Haushalt". It's almost feminist (in a quite moderate way of course) and tells the story of a woman working at home all day - and her husband keeps telling her that there can't be too much work to be done in a household.

- ALEXANDRA addressed some ecologist issues with "Mein Freund, der Baum" (My friend, the tree) back in 1968. The song's got a really beautiful string arrangement.

You may also try:
- MANFRED KRUG - Wenn's draußen grün wird
- MARIANNE MENDT - Wie a Glock'n
- CISSY KRANER - Aber der Novak läßt mich nicht verkommen
- INGA - Dein Spiel ist endlich aus

Maybe I could come up with more suggestions if I have a deeper thought about it - but now I have to leave for work.

Lush said...

Hey Nick. Wow, thank you so much. I already know some of the names (knef, mendt, inga).. will check the other ones. Thanks a lot!! :)

Anonymous said...

do you have a myspace?

Lush said...


spikedcandy said...

I want to say thanks, too, Nick for giving your recommendations. It really helps to have good leads when looking for German pop, to avoid having to wade through the many schlager nightmares!

Unlike with French pop, where I can often take a risk (often because of a groovy sleeve - schlager having cool sleeves can be annoying for that reason!) on an unknown and end up with something great, the bad German pop recordings seem to outnumber the good ones many times.

I found the article 'Dolls In Deutschland' @ really helpful too, since its focus is on women who weren't just relegated to singing the cheesiest stuff.

R. said...

Last year I picked up a "die grosse Schlagerparade" LP - no. 5 in the series (Telefunken). I'm not aching to pick up the remaining volumes (though I might add one or two to my collection), but still it was cheap, has a dead cool sleeve, and actually an ep's worth of okay material. Not the original hits, but they do the trick alright.

Not to step on anybody's foot, but in my ears German pop from the 60s and the 70s rarely strikes gold musically. From that perspective it's okay enough to investigate German pop in a money-saving fashion as well.

Here's a track from "die grosse Schlagerparade Nummer 5" so you can check for yourselves:

Anonymous said...

I must correct myself, it's not Trude Herr starring in Die Bettwurst, but an aunt of the director, sorry.. anyway, the movie is great!

Michael Vee

Anonymous said...

I must correct myself, it's not Trude Herr starring in Die Bettwurst but an aunt of the director, sorry... anyway, the movie is great!

Michael Vee

Roy Black said...

Trude Herr was born in 1927 in Cologne, the daughter of a communist who spent 2 years in a Nazi concentration camp. In the 40s, she went to Berlin and started to work on the cabaret circuit before she went back to Cologne and opened her first theater in 1949, a rather short-lived affair due to constant financial problems. She continued to perform in the theater and soon started to appear in movies, mostly comedies, mainly of the Schlager film variety (and all of them crap). In 1960, she began her recording career which gave her a handful of top 20 hits, and started to appear on German television. In the late 60s, she went to Tunisia and married a Tuareg whom she brought back to Cologne, but filed for divorce seven years later. She opened another Cologne theater, the now legendary "Theater im Vringsveedel" (where I saw her once), which she had to close down in 1986, again for lack of money. (She also recorded an album of German-language covers at the time - which I don't have, so if anyone might be able to help me out with that, I'd be eternally grateful). Her health declining, she moved to the Fiji islands for a few years but came back to Cologne in the late 80s where "Niemals geht man so ganz", a recording made with huge local act De Bläck Fööss gave her another (final) chart success. For health reasons she moved to the South of France where, while working on her memoirs and making plans for a personality TV show, she died of a heart attack in 1991 in a little village near Aix-en-Provence.

I have a best-of CD of hers; if you want me to upload it for you, just lemme know . . .


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