Monday, January 08, 2007

George De Giafferi - Sado Maso

With a Jean-Yanne mouth and sideburns, George De Giafferi sings this hilarious song, making fun of sadism and masochism. The song opens with the Giaferri screaming "Oooow! That's GOOD!" then leads to exchanges like: Man: It's time for you to get whipped! Woman: Oh great, I love that! Man: Now burn my chest! Woman: With what my love? Man: Use your cigarette! Woman: It's smells like grilled pork! If someone have a full translation, please tell me!
I would love to have this one on vinyl! Have a good laugh with this cult classic and remember to watch the video before you download the mp3.
Credit: Scopitones

George De Giafferi - Sado Maso (mp3)
George De Giafferi - Sado Maso (video)


Rico said...

Cool video! You could get the vinyl at the sampler : French Cuts, vol 1.
Panatomic Label from Germany.
Love your blog.

Anonymous said...

funny, thanks

Le Chpoum ! said...

I've tried to translate as well as I could :

Ouch ! Oh ! That's good !
Come on, drink your castor oil !
Baaah ! It's fat !
End this liter, little girl !
Yes, but not more, OK ?
and burn my chest...
With what ?
...with the brand of your cigarette !
It smells like grilled pork !
To swallow a spider...'re making such a fuss !
Always spiders !
To finish your mouthful...
Yes, but the last one ! see, there's nothing to make such a fuss about !
That's your point of vue !

Aaaaah ! oh ! It's good !
It's your turn to get whipped
Yeah ! Cool !
Hurry up, bring me the cane
Aaah ! How I love it !
After that you can drive me in...
What, my love ?
...all those pins in the chest
It will be terrific !
You must eat your purée...
...made of big cockroaches and slugs
I prefer maybugs !
Don't seem so disgusted...
What would YOU do ?!
Please don't put on airs
Your slugs ain't fresh !

Aaaagh ! It's good !
I can't cut...
What's the matter ?
...your ears with my scissors
What a bad luck !
No matter, let's go sleeping...
You're right !
...on pieces of broken bottles
There's no time to lose !
Let me slash your back...
...with a peeling knife
A bit lower down
Then make me your turn again...
Which one, my dear ?
...pen and ink tattooing !
You love it, don't you ?

AaaaaaaAAAaaah ! It's good !

AaaaAAAAaah ! Oh ! It is too good !

Ah ! It's tremendous !
Ah ! It's terrific !

marquisor said...

LOOL! great video love it ;)

Anonymous said...

best video i´ve ever seen. really funny. Especially when he screams ahhhhh c´est bon !

Anonymous said...