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Real name: Sylvia Hedika Penzes b. Budapest, Hungary, 1946.
Her parents worked the music-hall circuit. In 1961, aged 15 she won the "Miss Juke Box Paris" competition, organized by Eddie Barclay. That year she cut two EPs for Festival. The tracks were all rock numbers including covers of songs popularised by Elvis and Chubby Checker. Her voice is quite raw and shrill, with a lot of youthful energy. All eight tracks appear on 'Twistin' the Rock Volume 4' (shared with Nicole Paquin). After spending the 60s performing in clubs, Hédika retired from the music scene in 1971.

I just love Hédikas energy. What a cutie. You can find her song 'Hey Pony' on Ultra Chicks vol. 3

Hédika - Il ne veut plus être un dragueur (Shoppin' Around)

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What a voice! She certainly makes you get up and dance!

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