Monday, February 26, 2007


Argh, I was so close to win a copy of Clothilde's saperlipopette EP, but someone overbid my 100 dollars (!).. what a lucky rich bastard that won :)

Annie Gautrat (b. 31/7/47, Paris) took the pseudo Stone when she was elected as Miss Beatnick in 1966.
Stone was then very fond of Rhythm & Blues, The Beatles, The Who and of course The Rolling Stones. She even got her nickname from her friends of Discothèque Bus Palladium which called her 'small stone' because her resemblance to Brian Jones of Rolling Stones (check out the hair!)
She released five EPs, and Fille un garçon' is from the second one; in English it means "Boy or girl"; It's about the youngsters with long hair. Then she got married to Eric Charden (who wrote songs for her), and they became the most successful and the most cheesy duo in French varietes. They split in 1977, but came back many times.
Stone has made soo many great songs, so I'll recommend you to buy her stuff (feat. on several yeye compilations)

Stone is on tour in 2007! Check the tourlist for dates.

Stone - Fille un garcon (Beach Boys - Sloop John B)?
Stone - Garde ton sang froid (The Troggs - I can't control myself)
Stone - Seul (The Beatles - Norwegian Wood)

Video: Stone - Patati et Patata
Interview from 2003 on Bide-et-musique (In French)
- Click here for an English translation (babelfish)

Source: YYG, BEM

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jocelyne at The Fun House

Pssst, Yé-yé addicts... Mike from Funhouse just posted the whole Jocelyne - Twistin' the Rock with 32 great gems by the late Miss Jocelyne. Read more about her at YYG.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Alicia Granados

Alicia Granados was only 12 years old in 1966, when she won first prize in the 8th song-festival of Benidorm (in Alicante, Spain) with the ballad "Nocturno". She was the youngest Spanish singer ever to win.

Following her success, she released two EP's with 4 songs each, pure yéyé goodies.

She began to study music and dramatic art, and had a role in the 1967 movie "La Banda de las Pecas".

In 1971 she became the frontsinger in the band "Nubes Grises" (Grey Clouds) They had some minor hits, but never gained a national breakthrough.

In 1973 she left the music industry for good. It is not confirmed, but rumors has it, that she is working with medicine.

Alicia Granados - Profesor
Alicia Granados - El Juguete Extraordinario
Alicia Granados - ABC Ye Yé

Thanks and credit goes to Mel of the great spanish yeye blog meltorm