Thursday, February 22, 2007

Jocelyne at The Fun House

Pssst, Yé-yé addicts... Mike from Funhouse just posted the whole Jocelyne - Twistin' the Rock with 32 great gems by the late Miss Jocelyne. Read more about her at YYG.


franss said...

Merci Beaucoup, mademoiselle!


Hi Sofie
Thanks for pointing us in the right direction for this one.
I didn't really think i would like this much but i have to say i thoroughly enjoyed it and especially the later tracks.
What a tragic end for a singer who definitely had her own style.
Great stuff.

Kate said...

Awesome! I remember I got half an Annie Philippe comp from him, but since he doesn't upload ye ye stuff regularly, I almost always forget to check on what he's up to. Conclusion: thanks for directing us there! (And requesting it in the first place...).

marc said...


Thank you / Merci for pointing me to the right place.

Looking forward to checking that one out!


Marc (Canada)