Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christine Pilzer

Born in Nice, France c.1942. She is the big sister of another yéyé girl, Violaine. She only released two EP's in the sixties before becoming a fashion designer under the name Christine Van den Haute.

A yéyé freakbeat classic, 'L'Horloge du grand-père' is an adaptation of the English folk-song ('Grand-dad's clock').

Christine Pilzer - L'horloge De Grand-Père

In 2001 Christine's song "Champs Elysées" was featured on the compilation album 'Wizzz!' and to promote the record Christine did a few concerts with French group Les Terribles. She also appeared with them on French tv.
Video: Christine Pilzer et Les Terribles (looking goood!)

More info: YYG Website, Ready Steady Girls

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Suzanne Gabriello

It's been over a year since I posted 'Z' Avez Pas Lu Kafka' so I guess it's time for another for a song by the late Suzanne Gabriello. This was a parody of colleague Nino Ferrer's song 'Oh ! Hé ! Hein ! Bon !'

Video: Suzanne Gabriello singing 'Votez Hein Bon' live, accompanied by the Raymond Levefere orchestra.

Christmas a go go!

Is back!
Go get your groovy vintage Christmas tunes!