Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Nicole Paquin

Nicole Paquin (real name Nicole Desbiolles) was born in Paris in 1940. She was launched as the first French female rock'n'roller, when she began performing in 1958. This girl did all in a few years: comedian, actress, dancer, painter, writer, singer and journalist. In 1961 she had a small role in Jean-Luc Godard's 'Une femme est une femme'.
That year, she also recorded two 45t ep's for Polydor.
Her successes were "Comme in clou" (adapted from Elvis Presley -Stuck on you) and "Mon mari c'est Frankenstein" (adapted from Phil Spector). She gave up rock'n'roll in 1962 considering the difficulty being a girl in rock'n'roll industry.
After that, she got her own headline section for "Salut les copains" in the weekly magazine CinéMonde and in the monthly magazine Age Tendre.
She briefly reappeared in 1966 with the group Les Minets.

Nicole Paquin - Comme un clou

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