Thursday, January 04, 2007

Annie Phillippe

Born 17/12/1946, Menilmontant, France.
Philippe was discovered when she was around the age of 17; it has variously been reported that at the time she was a disc jockey in a Paris nightclub called Twenty-One discotheque or that she was working in a record shop by day and as an exotic dancer at night. At any rate, she began releasing discs in 1964 under the direction of Paul Mauriat, arranger for Charles Aznavour, and famed in the U.S. a few years later for his huge easy-listening instrumental hit "Love Is Blue." Mauriat also co-wrote a couple of Philippe's discs, which went all over the map as far as '60s pop went.

Annie Phillippe - C'est la mode


Anonymous said...

The music is great! Annie has a new fan today.

Lush said...

yeah she's one of my fav yéyé girls.. glad u like! :)
The more comments, the more I know what people like and what I should post more of.

Obukakk said...

Thank you, it´s great to discover french language music and yeye girls

Davecat said...

You just can't go wrong with Annie 'Yes, I Look Like Phoebe Buffay From "Friends"' Phillippe. She's almost up there with France Gall, as far as my personal yé-yé pantheon goes... thanks for these!

Trilobyte said...

Fantastic! I too really enjoyed these. Thanks!

Anonymous said...