Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More Hedika

Another rare song from the lovely Hungarian Hédika!

Hédika - L'amour c'est tout ou rien

Anyone have this book? Is it filled with yummy rare pics and articles?


Anonymous said... said the download quota has been filled for today, but it was also saying that yesterday! is there anyway to get the last couple posts back up for download??

Lush said...

I think it's working now.. you have to be quick :-)

Swanny said...

sofie - check this out please - a France Gall video I have not seen before, but I do not know how to download it or save it. Have a look and see if you know it?
As always

Swanny said...

I've done it again - here's the link

Kate said...

I want that book!!! Why does it have to cost $76,456 to mail here?!