Friday, January 12, 2007

Yma Sumac

Peruvian exotica diva, Yma Sumac, was a phenomenon in the music world during the early 1950's. With an amazing vocal range of four octaves, this attractive, mysterious woman with a voluptuous figure catapulted onto the American music scene with a 10" album "Voice Of Xtabay" that topped the US charts in 1950. Everything surrounding Yma Sumac had an air of mystery about it, she was said to have been born in a tiny village in the Peruvian high Andes and was a descendant of the Inca Kings and her exotic repertoire was said to be based on Inca legends.


rico said...

Yes, best of the best! Nice track.

gerald said...

Yma Sumac was said to have lived amongst/around various farm animals as a child, replicating their sounds. Amazing voice!

Anonymous said...

Wild, men... just wild!
Gracias amigo.

Lima, Perú

Anonymous said...

I heard that her name was really Amy Camus and that she was from Jersey

Lush said...

Yeah that story is a hoax.

Read here

There is so many stories and tales about her, shes a true legend and a mystery.

Gavin Elster said...

I used to catch her "farewell performances" at the cinegrill in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel back in the day. She was a true entertainer and a diva well into her 70's. Her costumes were amazing. I recall a gold number that had a diamond shaped cut out exposing her midrif that had become a grandma belly. Not something you'd expect to see on a woman of her age but then again it was all about the voice.