Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More Les Flechettes

Superfemme 60's yéyé... LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

Even more Flechettes

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Seidrik said...

Bull's eye.
Dans le mille...
Merci pour les fléchettes

Anonymous said...

nice one Bruno, the best way to start my day... mercie beaucoup!

Michael Vee - Milano

Lush said...

Bruno? Bruno is not here - but over at :-)

j said...

Hi - I recently discovered your blog and it's made me very happy :) Please keep up the good work.

At first, I thought that "Les Gens" was a French version of "People" (famously sung by Barbra Streisand): the lyrics are virtually identical. But the pacing of the song is very different. In any case, Les Flechettes version is much more fun.