Sunday, November 19, 2006

Les Flechettes

The group was created by Claude François at the end of the 60's (around 1968). They were named Les Fléchettes after the record label "Disques Flèche" that Claude François just started. The group (around 1969 according of the liner-notes of one of their singles) consisted of:
Martine Lejeune : 20 years old, exsecretary, blonde, 1,60m. Francine Chabot : 18 years old, exstudent, brunette, 1,65m.
Catherine Bonnevay : 17 years old, exstudent, blonde, 1,63m.
Dominique Bonnevay : 19 years old, exsecretary, brunette, 1,59m.
Dominique and Catherine were sisters and the other girls were cousins so it was a bit of a family affair!
They were backing-singers for Claude François on stage and on his records but they also recorded their own.

Thanks again to Bruno for the translation!

Les Flechettes - Je Vends Du Reve
Les Flechettes - Une Fille Est Toujours Belle (cover of Turtles 'Elenore')


Bruno said...
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poopseek said...

It's a pity first one is on such quality ='(
It's sounds sooo modern =)

mordi said...

i am utterly disgusted with myself for not knowing about this site!

why don't i know about it?- it's totally marvy and will be added to my links asap!

keep up the fab work- i'm totally loving Geraldines Les Chattes- it's one of the best yé yé tracks i have heard in a loooong time! (love the jayne mansfield style howl!)

Swedish Tommy said...

Omfg,"Je Vends Du Reve" must be thee bestest yeye song i've heard since... since... eh.. for a VERY long time! Thanks a lot.

And according to this:
it seems to have been only a B-side. Weird.

(And why have I never heard about Les Flechettes before?!)

Lush said...

Hi poopseek, yeah the quality sucks! Must go ebay hunting for flechettes! :) I think of them as a modern Spice Girls(with better music), because of all those details!

Mordi, I am absolutely flattered, ad yes Geraldine is purdy!!!

Hey Tommy from Sweden - Hej fra Danmark! It's my favorite yeye song of the moment as well, though it's starting to driving me nuts! :)

Rob Whatman said...

Have you seen the comedy Podium on dvd, where Benoit Poelvoorde plays a Claude François impersonator training up his own 'Flechettes' for a competition?

Lush said...

Never heard about it.. where can I find it`?

Rob Whatman said...

Cheapest copy of Podium I've found was who have it at 9,99 EUR. Benoit does a 'duet' with Claude himself in one scene, so its all done in a sense of admiration.

Anonymous said...

Les Fléchettes also recorded under the name OP4.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Les Flechettes - Les Gens @192

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