Saturday, November 04, 2006


Delphine was a Belgian yéyé girl. Her real name was Delphine Bury and she lived in the area of Charleroi. She made killer tracks. Need to know more?

Delphine - La Fermeture Èclair (We the people - In the past)
Delphine - Les prisons de sa majesté

These are unfortunately the only songs I have by her. Help!


R. said...

These songs are of course very good. But I'm reading there will be a Gitte album up soon... And I'm looking forward to that :)


Hi Sofie
Two really fine tracks from a very good artiste slightly reminiscent of the music France Gall was making around the time of her classic 1968 album.
Thanks for sharing.

Lush said...

R, she's coming, she's coming ;)Other Danish girls you would like to hear?

Hey yeyeohyeah, always nice to get a comment from you! I thought of the same :)

spikedcandy said...

I'd love to hear more Delphine, I wonder if she made more tracks with that lush psych sound that yeyeohyeah is right in comparing to '1968'. I might go ebay hunting, though I suspect her EPs wouldn't be cheap...