Saturday, November 25, 2006


Karo (real name Caroline Vallée), was born in 1946 in Sherbrooke Québec, Canada. She started out in Le Trio BAK with (as I understands) yeye girl Renee Martel. They had some minor hits as "Les marionnettes", and "Un jeune homme bien" (those seems impossible to find.. anyone?). In 1966-1967 she recorded of the resumptions of songs for 'Match', a company which specialized in the sale of 45 turns at reduced prices. Later she won first price at a radio concours Decouvertes ("discoveries" of CFTM). Thereafter, she recorded her own composition "Une Garcon en mini-jupe" which gained an immediate success. Karo settled in Montreal and started to occur in cabarets. In 1968 her compositions "Sur ma moto"and "Les Bibittes" came out and the singer participated in the well known Musicorama tour in Quebec.. She is a professor in languages today and has her own school.

An anthology was released in 1999 on Disques Mérite.

Karo - Un garçon en mini-jupe
Karo - Ti-fils à papa
Karo - Les Bibettes

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Hi Sofie
When i click on the link the file won't download.
I hope you can fix it as i would love to hear these songs for the first time.

Lush said...

Hey yeyeohyeah! It works here for me, I just think the link is a little slow. You have to wait a little :) try again


Thanks Sofie
All is well now and the tracks are great.

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Unique! :) Its around 1000 pr day now

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