Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Danish Delights (9): More Vivi

As promised to regular visitor Kate, here's more songs by 'The Danish Brigitte Bardot', 60's girl Vivi Bach. Next Danish Delight will be Gitte.

Here's the original post with even more Vivi songs. Go Go Go!

Vivi Bach - Alle Männer sind Räuber
Vivi Bach - Mi scusi, mi scusi, Signore
Vivi Bach - Playboy
Vivi Bach - Let's Shake

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Hi Sofie
A nice post of rare songs.
I am looking forward to the forthcoming tracks by the wonderful Gitte.

Kate said...

Awesome, thanks!!! I love Vivi! I'm making a short film about my (German) grandmother and I think I'm going to use "Summ Summ Summ" in it! Heheh.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog music, I discover new artist daily because of this site. Visit daily, keep up the great work!


Anonymous said...

your blog is the BEST!

Lush said...

Hey yeyeohyeah, I think you are a Gitte-addict! ;) Any special wishes on her?

Kate, thats so sweet and amazing, good luck with the film :)

Hey anonymous 1 and 2, thank thank you :)!!!


Hi Sofie
On the subject of any requests by me for Gitte songs the ones i would most like is Danish songs by her as i have quite a few German ones already.
I once saw a German clip of a very young Gitte singing wonderful wonderful Copenhagen and it was a very charming version of the song but i can't remember if it was in German or Danish.
If you have this song it would be great but i don't know if it was ever put on record.