Saturday, December 02, 2006

More Karo

Hi again, and thanks for all your lovely comments! Remember that you can always mail me or send songs to

Here is another brilliant song with the lovely Caroline Valle aka Karo.

Karo - Sur ta moto



Hi Sofie
Another very fine song from Karo.
Thanks for these posts as i had never heard anything by her before and she is excellent.

Achtung Wellenreiter! said...

Have a problem with all your download links, because I can't download from "ohshare" for some reason or other. No clickable links or download buttons appear in their window. What am I doing wrong, as all the others seem to be successful? Why don't you just give mp3 file links instead of the html file links?

mergelstein said...

Yeah, got the same problem. No download link appears, never! Tried to switch off all ad and popup blockers and even tried other browsers, but no chance. Ohshare really sucks. Any help anyone? Pleaaaaaaase!

(Lush, please try or, both ad-free and superfast.)

Lush said...

that sucks. What browser are u using? try to maybe use another one

Anonymous said...

Please, can you upload the file again, download web say that file has expired. Please, thanks.