Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Crazy twistgirl Gélou (Real name Genevieve Cognet), was born in Lille in 1938.
She studied at the Conversatoire of Dramatic art of Lille and got her first prize in the comedyrole of "Poil de Carotte". In 1954, she moved to Paris and began singing.
During the summer 1962, Gélou toured at the beaches of the Riviera with Johnny Hallyday.

Gelou - Ils croient à leur danse
Gelou - C'est toi qui m'a apris l'amour


spikedcandy said...

Great tracks!

Sorry to ask here, but I'm not sure if you got my emails. I've left up Get Hip for longer than I said because I'm waiting to hear from you if you're ready. But I really can't spare the bandwidth much longer.

natasha said...

Cool! I found a record of hers in a bargin bin called "4 super twists pour la danse", which also has "Viens twister" and "Dieu m'a faite pour toi".

wala wala said...


thank you.