Monday, December 18, 2006

The Pussycats

If you're into girlgroups, you will love The Pussycats! These are the only songs I have by them, would love to hear more..

Sheila Burgel from the great great cha cha charming magazine writes:

The Pussycats were another obvious Shangri Las imitation. They shared arranger Artie Butler and covered "Dressed in Black." The Pussycats also released the seductive "I Want Your Love" on Columbia Records in 1965.
While Artie Butler attempted to revive "Dressed in Black" with the Pussycats, Shadow Morton took the Nu Luvs under his wing and also gave them the same song to record. At least Shadow was somewhat able to fool the public when it was decided to change the name from "Dressed in Black" to "So Soft, So Warm."
They are featured on several LP compilations, as Girls In The Garage 3 and Where the girls are 5.


Anonymous said...

I'm french canadian and I come often in your blog. Rare pieces of music for me.

I have my blog too (in french):

I like oldies music.

Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,well i'm back it seems! :)
Just wanted to let you know that databus is not working for the moment,ohshare is ok,except for the les gams wich i cant get in...
would love to hear their "il a le truc" to compare to the version of les 4 copines.

Bruno said...

Well data seems to be working for The Pussycats now,but can't get Les Gams.

Davecat said...

Unbloodybelievable. 'I want your love' is like the Shangri-las making love to Lalo Schifrin. Wow.
And that album (Cd?) cover is very ace!

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