Monday, November 20, 2006

Christmas A Go Go!

Remember when the candy tasted a little sweeter, the Christmas tree was a bit greener, and the snow whiter? This is our collection of the funniest, sweetest, and best of the classic and newer Christmas songs, that will get you in the right spirit and get you the best compilation ever! Think cheesy, 60's, french, rare, funky, soul, and much more!

Bloggers allstar - Mordi from Blowupdoll - Christine from SpikedCandy - Bruno from Schlocker - Guuzbourg from Filles Sourires - Roy from Germans Under Cover - and me !



earthgoesaround said...


I've got some Japanese christmas songs for you all if you are interested..?

Alcyr said...

Hi, I am putting together a Christmas in Japan party. Is there any way I could get a CD with those songs? I could give you a DHL account # to be shipped overnight. Pls, let me know. Thanks. My fastest e-mail is from my work . My name is Alcyr. Thanks,