Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Honor Blackman covers Gainsbourg

Honor Blackman was not only one of the most stylish and gorgeous British actresses, famous for her characters in the Bond movie Goldfinger (Pussy Galore) or in the serial The Avengers (1st season), but she was also a singer who made one, pretty rare, LP in 1964, entitled Everything Ive got, that was recieved well.
Honor Blackman wasn't the biggest singer but defintly one of the coolest... Plus, it's Honor Blackman.

Listen to this adaptation of La Javanaise by Serge Gainsbourg and enjoy!

Honor Blackman - Men will decieve you


ThomasFrog said...

okay here is the first comment! Great Cover...i didn`t know that she was singing.....cheers Thomas from Munich

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised by how many older cover's of Serge's songs keep popping up. And I though Lulu's rendition of " Bambou" would of been my last find.
Thanks !
from To Ont Ca

spikedcandy said...

i know the feeling... my hits have risen dramatically the last few months, but i get less comments.

genkp said...

The main reason I don't normally leave comments is that I usually don't listen to the songs I download until some point in time later when I burn many to disc and listen to them at work and in the car. Strange way of doing it, maybe, but I don't listen to much music at home. I do appreciate all your effort, though, and have sought out more than a few cd's of people I had never heard of before as a result of your blog and others like yours. Thanks!

Lush said...

Thank thank thank you :-) I am flattered! you guys encourage me to continue bloggin' ;)

Anonymous said...

Comments? We're supposed to get/leave comments? :)

Thanks for this post. I didn't know she sang. wow.