Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Francine Lainé

Don't know much about this girl, this seems to be the only lp released by her. Francine Lainé who was more known as a dubbing actress for animated tvseries and movies (she's Maggie in the French version of Fraggle Rock!), recorded these 2 tracks to promote a now forgotten erotic book named "Lolitissimo" (1970) by a guy named René Varrin.
Furthermore the two tracks were arranged by popmaster André Popp, the man behind Delirium Hi-Fi, Claudine Longets 'Love is Blue', Marie Laforet and many more.
Oh yes, you are going to love this.

More André Popp related-stuff soon. And oh, a Gitte LP and a cupcake to those who can find other tracks with her!

Francine Lainé - Lolitissimo
Francine Lainé - Moi Sensuelle?

René Varrin - Lolitissimo (book)



Guuzbourg said...

Brilliant stuff!

R. said...

Oh, this was the first post on the excellent Whoops blog. I don't know how many times I've recommended it, because it's so wonderful. Anyway, that's most likely what "anonymous" refers to. Perhaps you have a copy of the vinyl yourself though :)

But while at it, our little Francophile in-crowd (actually I'm not particularly Francophile myself, but since there's a lot of good French music I want to buy it) appear to miss out on quite a few outstanding French shares on many blogs. Currently Double-o-Soul has up a fine mix on his website.

Good to see Francine Lainé get more attention :)

R. said...

Oh by the way, personally I think too many bloggers suffer from a blogger's catch 22. By that I mean, they disregard the fact that artists and labels hold copyrights, not themselves. Yet when putting up a share they themselves claim sharing rights. So no other bloggers may share this or that song or album. To me - and for obvious reasons - that's pure nonsense.

If one wants to share music then it gets shared. What's on my computer is obviously mine. And I can choose to share it if I want to.

Point is if a blogger shares in accordance with benign criteria (promote, draw attention to) the artists and their releases could benefit from it in the long run. Which is what it's about - plus us bloggers having some fun in the process. No single blogger holds any copyrights in actual fact.

I just mention this so as to make clear that I above in no way criticise this post. And it can only do good to Francine Lainé. I guess she ain't swimming in unwanted attention...

whoops said...

Actually i do agree with what you wrote r., i don't know if these tracks are the ones i ripped for my first post and i don't really care. If Lush find this worse a repost this is cool. Just like you wrote, i don't hold any copyright in the stuff i share. It would be pretty paradoxal to put a recording online directly on the web with a recommandation like "keep this private please", similar to get rid of all my clothes in the middle of a crowded street and ask people who walk by not to look at me.
Anyway, just wanted to point out that the track "Moi sensuelle ?" was covered by a brazilian band named "The Magnetic Sounds" in 1972, instrumental version with occasional wordless vocals.