Monday, October 23, 2006


Born in 1947, Géraldine, after being member of The Djinns, got out a first solo 4 title EP in 1966 on Polydor. The same year, her song "Which heart will you break" wasn't selected to represent France at the Eurovision. But at the Lugano preselection on January 21, 1967, she got that song representing Switzerland at the Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna on April 8. She would get 0 points for a 17th place. But considering the studio version of "Which heart will you break" on the second Polydor EP, it is absolutely magnificent and would totally have deserved to win the contest. So what happened in Vienna that April 8, 1967 ? Mystery... An hypothesis would be a failed live performance. Last but not least, the official orchestra that was accompanying all the artists was rubbish, not at all adapted to pop music. We can tell this by the dreadful orchestral version of a pathetic Serge Gainsbourg song, "Boum Badaboum", interpreted by Minouche Barelli who represented Monaco. Géraldine got out at least a third 4 titles EP in 1968, before we loose all trace of her. We don't know her last name and even if she's still alive. All information is welcome. So we stay with that magic 1967 EP, containing also the song "Springtime snows", whose lyrics were written by the Swiss singer Jean Charles, who would become later a famous radio & TV humorist. Beyond the outdated grace of the melody and the voice, the typical 1967 French pop sound brings a peculiar "Zeitgeist" to the whole, inimitable, with nice heavy drums that conserved a slight metallic 1965 peps.
From the dictionary "Les Dinosaures du Rock".

Geraldine - Un fleir, Un oiseau
Geraldine - Les Chattes
Geraldine - Quel Coeur Vas-Tu Briser

I found a nice Ebay store with a French Freakbeat & Lolita section.
Anyone knows the email to Simon @ Yeye girls website? The email posted on the site, dosn't seem to work..


Alan said...

I love the gesture and color of that pic. Would had given her the 12 points. I had heard "Les chattes", it's beautiful, glad to hear some more.

Check this, if you haven't - Géraldine at MySpace:

Alan said...

Oh, I guess you have...

Bruno said...
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Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,another very nice post,that ebay page looks interesting but expensive! :)
Oh by the way the title of the first Géraldine song you posted is "une fleur,un oiseau".

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