Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Les Beatlettes

The group was formed in February 1964 by Denise Payette who told a friend that she would find girls to form an all female equivalent of The Beatles. The other members were: Claudette Faubert, Hélène Duguay, Mimi Jourdan and Claire Fugère who were all experienced musicians. Their first show was the 17 August 64. Unlike most girl groups of the period, these girls played their own musical instruments. Tragically, on the way to their last show in Canada before heading off to Paris for a major gig at The Olympia, a car crash claimed the lives of two of the girls in the band.

Les Beatlettes - C'est Grâce À Toi (cover of The Surpremes - You Can't Hurry Love)
Les Beatlettes - Reste Encore


IanB said...

Hi Lush, appreciate the comment at RetroBabe!, thanks ! You can find me in two very different guises at the following blogs:

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Lobstar said...

I believe it's "grâce" and not "grâve." I've seen both on the Internet, and it sounds like "grâce" to me, which would translate better to: It's thanks to you. Besides, the word "grave" in French (which means "serious") doesn't utilize the â.

Lush said...

hey lobstar, I think you are right, I'll correct it, thanks a lot ! :)

Marie Hunter said...

Would love to know where the ladies are now. My husband managed and rehearsed them at Cafe d'lest and booked them on the Dave Clark Five Gig... any more info or clips?

Anonymous said...

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