Sunday, October 08, 2006


Again, thanks a million to Alan @ La canción de Prévert
Mª de las Mercedes Massager Tarragó (b. Barcelona, January 6, 1950) studied at the conservatory in Barcelona and appeared in several radio contests, where she got the name of Betina.

A blonde with blue eyes, joyful and sensual, extrovert and of an overwhelming charm, in real life as well as on stage, she was very popular in the mid 60s, singing with grace and style, both French and Italian successes, and especially ballads.

Her first record was released in 1964. Her first hit came with the song 'Hay tantos chicos en el mundo' ('There Are So Many Boys in the World'), which made her well known all over Spain.

In 1972 she married the Cantabric pianist Raúl G. Calderón. She then joined the band Janio Martí, very popular in Catalonia, and has continued singing and travelling round Europe in sea cruises (!).

Betina - Tarde Azul, Noche Gris
Betina - La Lancha
Betina - Y Por Tanto (Et Pourtant)
Betina - La Vida Es Asi
Betina - Creo

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Alan said...

Thanks to you Lush, happy music - and nice version of Aznavour. She can travel singing around Europe in eighty cruises!

meltorm said...

congratulations Lush...tomorrow my blog is only for you.

Bruno said...

Nice move...I really dig "Creo"! :)

meltorm said...

a note:

Betina never sang with Tony Dallara; and never earned Benidorm´s festival.

Only she did a version of Tony´s song.

Lush said...

Well, it says that several places..

meltorm said...

is a mistake

One is wrong and the others copy it

you can belive me

Lush said...

okay I deleted it ;)

Alan said...

I was a humble translator. Anymay, Lush, you have also deprived her of the third place in the Festival de la Canción Mediterránea, with 'T'estim t'estimaré'... maybe this was real :)

meltorm said...

Bingo Alan!!

esa información es correcta.

por cierto, esa misma canción tb se puede encontrar en castellano y titulada "te amo y te amaré".

le ruego y si apetece traduzca (que se que vd puede hacerlo perfectamente) y así evito que los demás se "mofen" de mi "agroinglés"-

Lush said...

hmmm.. I will let you hablo on :D

Alan said...

Meltorm, mejor colonicemos este foro vikingo... Spain, two points!! :)

Meltorm says Betina really won the Canción Mediterránea with "T'estim t'estimaré" (Catalan), "Te amo y te amaré" (Spanish, which she also recorded) and .......... (Danish) :)

Alan said...

Ooooppss... not won, third place

chessstyler said...
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Anonymous said...

Great blog!!! I am looking for an lp of her which contains the track 'te quiero y te querre' can anyone help me to find it?