Tuesday, October 10, 2006

More Betina

More Betina songs and pictures at Mel's splendid blog I Can't Give You Anything But Love...baby.. with a lot of Spanish yé-yé as well! Featured a little dedication to my Betina post.. yay!!

And thanks to Mel here is also Betina's 1964 hit:
Betina - Hay tantos chicos en el mundo

PS.... I'm going to London, from October 18th till the 22nd. On my last visit I had a hard time finding record shops with chanson & yé-yé.... anyone knows one?


Bruno said...

Yay! :)

Bruno said...

Have a look here
be sure to get the complete link
On portobello road are a few good record shops.
Why not take a trip to Brussels,cheaper than Paris and a lot of yé-yé! :)

Lush said...

Is that an invitation? ;) I have family in London, and work there sometimes thats why