Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Rika Zarai

Rika Zaraï, (real name Rika Gussmann) was born on February 19, 1939 in Jerusalem in Palestine.
The Israeli singer recorded in French, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish and German.
She was performing in cabarets and theatres, singing songs translated from French classics like Trenet, Greco, Aznavour or Brassens. This is how, one day, she got spotted by a producer who asked her if she would be interested in performing at the Olympia in Paris.To her, a young budding Israeli singer, who so admired French music, it was truly a dream come true! The producer told her to go and see Bruno Coquatrix on his behalf, and, on that one recommendation, she decides to leave for Paris and for glory, with her child, still a baby, a return ticket, and 100 US$....Read the interesting biography about her life.

Rika Zarai - Une Chanson Pour Mon Amour (feat. on Pop A Paris vol.2)

PS.....I'm looking for these songs, if you have them, pls write!
FR David - Symphonie
Petula Clark - L'agent Secret
Katty Line - Tu Vinci Sempre


Bruno said...

You can see her dance! and sing Hava Nagila (music is a bit out of synch) here:

Seidrik said...

"Super skate" de Rika Zaraï...
Un must...
bien le soleil chez toi.

Lush said...

How cute is she in that video??!!! :D Thanks Bruno

Gideon said...

I have the the Katty Line song if you're still interested.

Eiffel50 said...

It's not Jenny Rock who sang Ma Casquette but Dany Aubé an other french canadian singer from the sixties.

domzai said...

hi there
Rika ZARAI is born in 1938 and not in 1939,she's living in Paris in a beautiful "hotel particulier" 2 rue des tilleuls 75016 PARIS.
You'll find a lot of information and pics on her site
RIKA ZARAI le site.

Anonymous said...