Thursday, October 05, 2006

Tiny Yong

From Ye-ye girls:
Real name: Thien Juong Ton Hu Thi
(b. 8 February 1944, Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Tiny Yong debuted in asian cabaret-restaurant "La table du mandarin" in 1959 (after making her debut in the theatre, then the cinema and then as a singer) with an exotic setlist from 1960 till 1962, before supporting the cause of yé-yé thanks to Henri Salvador. Her choice of songs is greatly influenced by American girl-groups, from The Shirelles to the Chiffons. From 1963 till 1965 she was one of the favorites of the show "Salut les copains'. In 1963 she even achieved a 5th place in the show's chart behind Sylvie Vartan, Sheila, Françoise Hardy and Petula Clark.
Magic Records released an anthology in 1998.

What a cute voice. These are the only songs I've got. I would love to hear more!

Article about her in French from JukeboxMag - Translation anyone?

Tiny Yong - Tais Toi Te Petite Folle
Tiny Yong - Le Sauvage
Tiny Yong - Tu es le roi des menteurs

Tiny Yong - Un Seul Garcon Sur La Terre (feaut. a funny cameo with Henri Salvador and a pretty cold studio)



Hi Sofie
A really nice post and a great video too.
I very much like Tiny Yong she had a great style and sang some really good songs too.
Love it

italianbeat said...

Hi sofie, thanks for this wonderful artist.

"Tais Toi Te Petite Folle" it seems a cover of "Foolish Little Girl" by the Shirelles, isn't it?

What is the title of the song of the video?

Alan said...

Great, Lush, thanks!

Lush said...

Hi Yeyeohyeah, yes I think she had the cuuutest voice!! :)
Italianbeat, I can't see the resemblance ? :/ I posted the title for the video.
Alan, thanks again! :)

italianbeat said...

Don't you see an resemblance, really?
Even with the word in the title.. "Folle" recalls like sound "foolish".... ,
I have relistened now the two song, and they are very very similar, but do you remember this Shirelles song? :P

Tks for video title

italianbeat said...

Tais-toi petite folle
Adaptation de « Foolish Little Girl » interprété par les Shirelles. Ce titre fut également interprété en français par Tiny Yong en 1963.

I feel to us still well!! :(

Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,pretty big and indepth article (and there's more it seems) to translate,so I'll translate the summary text in the photo.BTW great you found a picture!

here goes nothing...

Tiny Yong debuts in asian cabaret-restaurant "La table du mandarin" (after making her debut in the theatre,then the cinema and then as a singer) with an exotic set(list?) from 1960 till 1962,before supporting the cause of yé-yé thanks to Henri Salvador.Her choice of songs is greatly influenced by American girl-groups,from The Shirelles to the Chiffons.From 1963 till 1965 he is one of the favorites of the show "Salut les copains'.In 1963 she even achieves a 5th place in the show's chart behind Sylvie Vartan,Sheila,Françoise Hardy and Petula Clark,a nice track record on which it is fun to get back.

Lush said...

I believe you now Italianbeat ;)

Thanks again Bruno, I updated the post :)

italianbeat said...

Good! :)

notoire said...

Hello! Great post on Tiny Yong. I really enjoy reading your blog.

I understand the first paragraph

here it is...

She's ethincally Vietnamese but born in Cambodia because of her parent fond of the country. Her father is a doctor and she studied in Saigon(Vietnam), English, Spanish, and more of French. Her family migrate to France in 1958 because the rise of the Vietnam war. Her father resumes his medical activites and her mother opens a Vietnamese restaurant then soon she devotes her time to theatre following the courses of Solange Sicart.

James said...

Hi sofie,
I can't get your email link to work but a Tiny Yong album with 32 tracks is available at
Please let me know you received this.
My email is screenrights(at)hotmail(dot)com
I have gigabytes of Ye Ye and French Chanson music if you want any of it.

Mike Atherton said...

The 'Jukebox' article was just getting interesting, Tiny had adopted her new stage name and signed to Salvador records, but then the piece abruptly ended! Is there a second page, please?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sofie,
I've heard of Tiny Yong from my mother and a few of her friends. I am originally from Vietnam myself. Whenever I hear of any Vietnamese artists that have made an impact abroad, I feel very proud. I do know she achieved fame around the same time with another fellow Vietnamese chanteuse named Bach Yen. Both of them started out in Paris at the Table du Mandarin cabaret, but Bach Yen had already established herself as a singer in Vietnam before leaving for France. Not much was known of Tiny Yong back in Vietnam, although she did return there at the invitation of a Vietnamese cabaret owner and appeared on national television sometime in the early Seventies singing a Vietnamese song called, "Biet Ly". After that, nothing has been reported of Tiny Yong. Bach Yen, on the other hand, expanded her horizons by crossing the Atlantic making appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show, etc. and touring the world with big stars like Bob Hope, Frankie Avalon, and Liberace. Today, Bach Yen is still very active in the music business but her focus is now mostly on Vietnamese music and overseas Vietnamese audiences worldwide, not so much with mainstream American or European audiences. And there is a lot of info on Bach Yen on the internet in all three languages. On, you can find dozens of recent videos of Bach Yen posted whereas there is nothing of Tiny Yong after the ye-ye era, which unfortunately was her short-lived period in the limelight. Since then, nothing has been posted about Tiny Yong or her recent activities. If you have any info on her whereabouts today, please post it. A lot of her fans would love to know.
Viktor Lassley

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Anonymous said...