Thursday, November 23, 2006

Elke Sommer

b. 1940 in Berlin. German pin-up girl, actress, artist, entertainer, and singer! You have might seen her in the Pink Panther movie A Shot In The Dark with my favourite actor Peter Sellers. She speaks seven different languages. She believes in ghosts.

Elke Sommer - Alors Qu'hier Encore

Extra: as requested by popseek, here is James Clarke - Blow up a gogo!

Should there be more instrumental 60's club music on the blog?


Wouter said...

Beautiful pic! Can't wait 'till I get home and hear her sing!

mordi said...

and of course she was in the marvellous carry on film 'carry on behind'!

"i am looking for scrubbers for my dirty caravan" etc

poopseek said...

Weeeee! YAY! Thx a lot!

And i think YES! there should be some instrumental 60s club music! Grooovy!! =)))

Kate said...

What there should be more of is Vivi Bach!!! Didn't you say you had more? Pretty please....

Lush said...

hey wouter, yeah I thought it was a pretty picture as well :)

Never seen that movie Mordi - gonna buy it!

Glad you liked it popseek, will work on some instrumental posts then.. but I think there are a lot of blogs with that out there.. check my links!

hey Kate, working on a Vivi week! Look for some really nice and rare posts tonight..