Friday, June 09, 2006


These are some of my favorite yéyé songs. Sweet, fun, and groovy. Enjoy and have a good weekend :)


Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,some great stuff up as usual,I also just posted a Nancy Holloway track!Isn't that nutty? :)
Must say my favorite is the Christine Pilzer track,that song is just toooo much!


Hello Sofie
A multipack of fine tracks.
A very enjoyable post.

Anonymous said...

Great songs!
Do you have the song "J'avais rêvé" of Zouzou? I'm searching it for ages! Got it on vinyl, but not in cd quality.

robert said...

the ginette song is fantastic, love it!

Lush said...

BRUNO, we are post-mates!
Glad you like the tracks

YEYEOHYEAH..As said before, u need to get your own blog ;)

ANONYM, I don't have that song :( I will search for it!

Yeah ROBERT it's fab! I posted it months ago, but didn't get a response.. so I re-posted.


Rico said...

I love your blog and love Elizabeth!
She´s Sublime, yehh!