Sunday, April 08, 2007

Les Gam's covers a go go

More from Graziella, Annie, Michele and Suzy aka French 60's girlgroup Les Gam's!
Les Gam's - Toi l'ami (The Beatles - All my loving)
Les Gam's - Wo ist unsere liebe (The Supremes - Where did your love go)


italianbeat said...

Great ye-ye!

Anonymous said...

Please check the d/ls of the 2 Glam's songs as they stop after 7 seconds

thanks a lot!

Michael Vee

heanorman said...

I've just bought my first Gam's record, only 43 years late - the 'Il A Le Truc' EP. Already I'm a fan! I love French cover versions of US and UK hits. I have also found video footage of the girls performing 'Il A Le Truc' on the Internet; a pity it cuts off a few seconds before the end.

Anonymous said...

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