Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Elsa Leroy

Elsa Leroy was "Miss Mademoiselle Age Tendre" 1965. The French teen magazine used to choose a new Miss every year. And most of the time, the winner tried to become a pop singer. In 1966 she had a small role in Jean-Luc Godards film "Masculine Feminine" as "Miss 19". She has the typical Yé-yé girl story: Met her husband and dissapeared leaving us 1 excellent EP of pure yéyé goodness.

The guitar riff in "Comment Fais-tu" reminds me a lot of The Who's 'My Generation', which seems to be the most typical song for inspiration of yeye songs in the mid-60s. I haven't seen this song posted on other blogs, so I hope you will enjoy it! "Comment Fais-tu", along with her 3 other ones, are featured on Sixties Girls 5 available on Magic Records.

Elsa Leroy - Comment fais-tu (listen/download)

Source: The YYG website


The eledgable batchelor said...

Pure Yé-Yé Gold! Thanks!

Dansmoncafe said...

Thanks! :-)

Mike Atherton said...

Very nice, very r&b, but of what is it a cover? The original American song is on the tip of my brain but I can't quite place it. Could it be The Olympics' 'Oh Mom (Teach Me How To Uncle Willie)'?

Mike Atherton said...

Got it! It's a cover of 'You Turn Me On' by Ian Whitcomb, a British record which was not a hit in the UK but which reached the US top ten in Summer 1965. One of the other numbers on her EP covers a US hit by the Beau Brummells. These French producers sure did select some good songs for their artists.

jenny ondioline said...

I didn't know this girl sang! I only know her from masculin/feminin. I have the criterion dvd of this movie where in the extras they had an interview with Chantal Goya (another YeYe girl) about Elsa in the film:

"I knew Miss 19 (Elsa Leroy) well because she was in the competition among models to represent the magazine Miss 19. She was exactly like you see in the movie. She had a snobbish way of speaking and Godard was delighted. He didn't have to tell her how to talk. We knew her and we'd laugh, because we'd knew she'd talk like that and she didn't disapoint us."

Romain said...

Her complete recordings are available in the lattest CD of "Sixties Girls".

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