Thursday, April 06, 2006

Les Poppy's

Les Poppy's - French kids can rock!

The french boy's choir called "Les Poppys" was originally a church choir.
In 1971 they had a worldwide hit with the pacifist song "Non, Non, Rien N'a Changé"
(translated: "No, no, nothing has changed" - meaning that there is still war).
They sold more than 5 million records in 4 years.

Les Poppy's - Non, Non, Rien A Change

Les Poppy's - Isabelle, je taime



Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,remember those kids well,takes me back to long gone times...Didn't they have a song with Dutch singer Lenny Kuhr?Have fun in Amsterdam,I must say i'm quiet curious about Jacqueline,could you let me know what she was like?

Anonymous said...

Damn linking service... Links are already expired...

Seidrik said...

so sad... too late for me !
i love this song...
thanks for your shares...good choice !

Greet said...

Les Poppys, Super, since 1971 une grande fan, pour moi Non, non rien n,a change