Monday, April 03, 2006

The Savage Rose

The Savage Rose - The Danish Legend

To honor the recent loss of the founder of the legendary Danish band Savage Rose, Thomas Koppel who died in February. He was born 27/4-1944, and passed away 25/2-2006. R.I.P

One of the most well-known rock groups from Continental Europe, Denmark's Savage Rose recorded a wealth of intriguing and eclectic progressive rock in the late '60s and '70s. In their early work, one hears faint echoes of the Airplane, Doors, Pink Floyd, and other psychedelic heavyweights combined with classical jazz and Danish-Euro folk elements. Their arrangements rely heavily on an incandescent, watery organ that sounds like nothing so much as psychedelic aquarium music. The most striking aspect of the band's sound, however, was the vocals of lead singer Annisette. Her childish wispy and sensual phrasing can suddenly break into jarring, almost histrionic wailing, like a Janis Joplin with Yoko Ono-isms, and eerily foreshadows Kate Bush's style.
Stars in their native land, Savage Rose also achieved a bit of underground success abroad, and several of their albums were released in North America. Between 1968 and 1978, the group released nine albums, moving from vaguely psychedelic rock and heavily gospel.

"...Hundreds of thousands have experienced the magic of this band, who have walked barefoot across the planet, among the lowliest, voicing their hope, longing, dreams, pain and struggle........."David Fricke(Senior editor "Rolling Stone") on The Savage Rose (2000)

Download two Savage Rose classics!

The Savage Rose - A Girl I Knew (1968)

The Savage Rose - Long Before I Was Born (1968)


Bruno said...

I don't think I ever heard of them before,but wow!The singer's voice is really something else!

Lush said...

Yeah isn't it great? You can buy a alot of records with Savage Rose on eBay! ;)