Friday, March 31, 2006

Trude Herr: Ich will keine Schokolade

Trude Herr
German actress, singer, and theatre director. She was born in 1927 in Cologne, Germany and died in 1991 in Provence, France.

This song is brilliant!

Trude Herr - Ich will keine Schokolade (1960)


QQF resident said...

This is a diabolical motherlode. Simply mouth-watering!

But if I were to date a woman like this, I'd bloody well insist on a chaperone (for me). She so-so sounds like she'd eat men alive.


QQF resident said...

A rough translation of the song into English for visitors who don't understand any German:

"I neve have any dates. At the very most I get to go for a short walk with my parents. But my father says, this is how it should stay and gives me chocolate (as compensation). But recently I just exploded because chocolate's simply not what I want (like):

(refrain:) I don't want any chocolate! What I want's a man! I want someone to kiss me! And make me weak and defenceless!

I celebrated my birthday just a while ago, together with my aunts, who gave me flowers and chocolate. But I yelled "I don’t want that anymore!"


Last Sunday I bought lottery tickets at the fair and won. But the prize disappointed me a lot. Because I got a teddy bear, chocolate, and marzipan. I threw it all angrily into the crowd while screaming at the lottery ticket seller:



An interesting song but judging by her picture surely chocolate is her number one priority.
I am sure she would choose chocolate over a man any day of the week.
Trude herr also appeared in many German films of the time.

Bruno said...

Great! :)

Lush said...

Thanks for the translation qqf! I remember that you lived in Germany, so yeah your german must be very good. Norwegian, English, German and French. What language don't you speak? :-)

Achteinhalb said...

Trude Herr is BIG and GREAT. Having lived in Cologne (her home town for some decades) in the 1990´s I remember her death quite well. The whole city was mourning, and there were candles in many windows during her funeral.

She was a wonderful comedienne, apeaerring in some Schlager-films of the 60´s.

QQF resident said...

Smiling... I sound foreign when I don't speak Norwegian. And when I speak German, I use my thumbs as well. French I don't speak, but I know just enough to place cd orders in French stores. But not enough to talk to the lassies. Pity ;)

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