Thursday, March 16, 2006


I will be back with:
yummy spanish, japanese, and french ye-ye!
vids vids vids
danish delights
scandinavian 60's

full albums

Here's a little sample... I just love this song!

Ginette Garcin - Cresoxipropanediol en Capsules

Ginette Garcin was an actress who starred in many movies and was a favorite of actor/director Jean Yanne, who also wrote this song.

Anyone know to make small clips from a DVD? I have something very special I would like to share!



Really great to see you back again and your future posts and vids sound really exciting and i can hardly wait.




Achteinhalb said...

Thanks for sharing and welcome back! Love your Blog.

Best wishes from Germany.

herm said...

Cyberlink DVD Solution works fine to take clips out of a dvd

Bruno said...

Hi Sofie,glad to see you're back!And looks very promising! :)

sy! said...

Welcome back !!!
Bon retour !!!

Lush said...

Thanks for the sweet comments! :)
And Herm, thanks for the tip!