Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Norwegian: Inger Lise Rypdal

Inger Lise Rypdal was born 12.14.1949 and is a popular actress/musician in Norway.
She has been active since 1968.
She got her breakthrough with the songs 'Fru Johnsen' and 'Romeo og Julie'

Inger Lise Rypdal - Fru. Johnsen
Inger Lise Rypdal - Romeo og Julie


QQF resident said...


Can I just say that she and Sparboe (posted at Schlocker's) - among others - terrorised my childhood? So my first instinct is to hate this. Still I have some good memories because this sort of music and earlier Norwegian pop music as well was played during the radio programme "Revolvermagasinet," which included some of the meanest and most bizarre comedy I've ever heard (particularly with regards to mean). This übermean comedy is still very much a tradition in Norway and something I miss abroad (where nobody knows about it).

Oh and by the way, I grew up in a place "med høy moral." Men helt ytterst på en fjord - ikke innerst.

Anyway, thanks for these songs. They sure put a grin on my face. And will surely inspire some wicked deeds too. Luckily ;)


Two nice songs sung very well by a new artist to me.
I particularly enjoyed the version of Romeo Und Julia (originally a hit for the wonderful Peggy March)
Thanks for introducing me to this singer.

Bruno said...

Really enjoying this,especially "Fru. Johnsen",thanks for sharing.

Lush said...

QQF: When your long coffee break is over, please post some Norwegian girls!
But no I never heard about 'Revolvermagasinet'

Har det en hjemmeside med nogle klips?

Tak for comments!


QQF resident said...

Sorry, I couldn't find any webpage for "Revolvermagasinet." But the guys behind this programme are still active (mostly doing tv productions) - and the main guy behind the show is married to the woman who's now the finance minister in Norway.

But the old corny schlagers offered a smashing contrast though I haven't collected any of the music myself, since what's available is found on altogether crap compilations (including nasty 80s hits etc). For instance I like Wencke Myhre's early stuff, but her later recordings (from sometime in the 70s onwards) have more in common with rotten eggs - that sort of thing. Just my private opinion - like I said: many of these singers terrorised my early years!!! ;)