Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Danish Delights: More Gitte

Hope you like them!

Gitte Haenning & Dirch Passer - Lille Frk. Himmelblaa (Little Miss Heavenblue)
Gitte in a funny duet with Danish comedian Dirch Passer. Im working on a translation.

Gitte Haenning - Flirt
A nice little sing-a-long song... Lalalala..

Any requests for Danish singers?

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AHHH the lovely Gitte Haenning.
This is a nice surprise as i am mainly familiar with her German recordings both solo and with the late Rex Gildo so some Danish recordings are a real bonus.
On the subject of requests I would like to hear something by Wencke Myhre or Dorthe(I think she was Danish but i am not totally sure)Also Birgit Lystager.
Finally do you know if the great Danish guitarist Jorgen Ingmann ever recorded an instrumental version of the great Dansevise Euro winner? if so i would love to hear it.
All the best

Anonymous said...

Both were great. "Flirt" has a lot going on. did the Dankse Phil Spektorr produce it? What yr was this? I guess 66.

Lush said...

In my record 'flirt' is written by M. Delpech/R.Vincent/Gitte. Its Robert Cornfords choir and orchestra. I don't know who Phil Spektorr is, sorry.