Wednesday, March 29, 2006


"RC Cola, they called and said, would you do TV show for us? I said sure, what time? Where? and they said you do what you want, spend all the money we give you, if you want to, whatever."

Here's some clips from Nancy Sinatra's 1967 Emmy Award-winning T.V. Special in which she appeared with her father and his Rat Pack pals Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. The show was sponsored by the Mad, Mad, Mad Cola - Royal Crown Cola.


Rc Cola feat. Nancy Sinatra Spot 1.avi 12.34 MB It's a mad mad mad cola!'

Nancy Sinatra & Dean Martin - Things.avi 18.94 MB Lovely song, even lovelier video.

Nancy Sinatra & Sammy Davis. Jr - What'd I Say.avi 33.50 MB - Nancy's take with Sammy Davis Jr. on an old Ray Charles tune. This video is really amusing. Nancy sure can go-go!


Bruno said...

I first read somewhere about Nancy years ago,well of course I knew "Boots" but I bought me a cheap vinyl compilation,and wow was I blown away,had to have lots more,love her stuff with Lee Hazelwood,and the rest is fab too!Like her movies as well!

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