Friday, March 31, 2006

Die Dorthe aus Dänemark

Born 17 July 1947 in Copenhagen, Denmark
"It was a great experience to record the first single in Germany, without understanding a single word that I was singing"

Her father was a conductor and trained with her . In addition she had instructions in dance and pantomime. In 1967 Dorthe had her first hit with "Sind Sie Der Graf Von Luxemburg". In 1968 she was placed second in a German hit competition with "Wärst du doch in Düsseldorf geblieben" The single LP for the song sold gold.

Dorthe -
Waerst Du doch in Düsseldorf Geblieben

Peter from Skanderborg is replaced with a playboy from Düsseldorf!

More Dorthe soon.


Bruno said...

More Dorthe!Yay! :)


Like Bruno says more Dorthe.
I don't mind what language she sings in as i only speak English(unfortunately)so i can't understand any of them, but I don't need to to enjoy this fun music.