Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Danish Delights: Birgit Lystager

I got a request from yeyeohyeah, so here is the wonderful Birgit Lystager and her song 'Smilende Susie'. This song is a symbol for Danish popular music in the 60's.

Born 02/15 1946 in Aarhus, Denmark. (Where I live!)
Was a jazz singer but got headhunted to a pop carrier where she had several hits.

Birgit Lystager - Smilende Susie (Smiling Susie)


Bruno said...

Great stuff,love the Gitte songs as well,I got to learn a bit of Danish I guess... :)

Bruno said...

I visited you hometown on the internet,looks like a cool place to live!

kar i ca said...

Do you have any Norwegian songs by Inger-Lise Andersen (Soley Soley, Fru Johnsen, Trailersjåfør, Si hva du tenke min kjære, osv)?



Hello Sofie
Thanks for putting this song up its a real nice version of Chris Andrews Pretty Belinda.
Birgit really was blessed with a great voice and when i saw that picture sleeve you posted wow she is pretty too.
I wondered if you had any tracks by the Danish Actress/singer Vivi Bach (I have a massive poster of her from a film she made called Mozambique about 1965) but i have never heard her sing.