Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Uschi Glas

I have been going Uschi-crazy since Spiked Candy posted Wenn dein Herz brennt with her. So thanks to Jan, I'm happy to have got even more fantastic tracks by her, which seemed impossible to find! Apparently she's a really unpopular 'German hausfrau with ultraconservative views' in her homecountry, but do we care? No, no, U-schi-so-schön!

Michele Mercier

Another request, this time by Kris: The beautiful actress Michele Mercier singing 'La fille qui fait chic ti tchic' (1969) by.... Serge Gainsbourg (surprice!)

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mireille Darc

Someone requested these songs a few weeks ago:
French Actress Mireille Darc made a few EPs, but was most successful as an actress. She had the leading part in Jean-Luc Godards Week End. She kind of reminds me of Vivi Bach.
Here is her, -in my opinion- best songs: A sweet duet with France Gall and Helicoptere, written by Serge Gainsbourg.