Wednesday, May 10, 2006

André Brasseur

I have been hooked on these tunes since I heard them on Radio Oh La La a while ago.
Here is 2 mod clubsounds from the Belgian king of Hammond Andre Brasseur. Mmh. It smells like 60's! Go download, listen and dance the monkey with me! ;)

André Brasseur - Holiday
André Brasseur - Early Bird

Please Write if you have something in similar!


Anonymous said...

André Brasseur doesn't smell like 60's, it is 60's!
Why did you use the cover of "the duck"?
As a good belgian I have all his records.

Lush said...

I was just kidding ;)

I couldn't find the cover :/

Bruno said...

HI Sofie,have lots of André Brasseur,still easy and cheap to find it seems.Great early 60's organ sounds,has somewhat of a personal style!He also made some vocal tracks (quiet rare).Here's a link to the cover of his early bird 45.

natasha said...

Hi there, I have Andre Brasseur's Greatest Hits on vinyl and yes, it is easy enough to find. I promise to throw some more on Oh la la. Thanks for mentioning the site!