Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hungarian yé-yé: More Cini

In addition to my post on the new super-blog Splendida, here is a complete "Best of - 66-70" album with the Hungarian pop queen Sarolta 'Cini' Zolotnay. This is a fun album with 19 great popsongs. Yeyelicious! I can't type anymore, I have to go dancing. Enjoy.

Sarolta Zolotnay - ...Ha fiu lehetnek - 1966-1970


Bruno said...
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Bruno said...

She's really great,enjoyed your post on splendida as well.But how do you know her,Hungarian roots?
For your trip to Paris check here
Be sure to copy the whole link
(the page will move to the right)

Bruno said...

That's left :)

Lush said...

Oh I just google soooo much music. I think I saw her on ebay or on another blog. She's fab! Great link, I wrote the addresses down in my little travel book :) Im glad you like my posts!


Hi Sofie
I loved these tracks but when i downloaded them only 14 came out.
Can you tell me if there should be 19 or is there only 14?
Keep up the great postings and thanks for the great music.

Lush said...

Hi yeyeohyeah. My mistake. There is only 14 tracks :)

R. said...

This album's a lovely share. Many thanks!