Monday, May 22, 2006

Going to Paris!

Im going to Paris in July. For the first time in my life. It would be great if some of you could help me having the blast of my life!
Help me bring back some yéyé tunes for the blog and other french vintage stuff. Yeyeyeah!

I would love recommends of:
- Vintageshops: rare 60's records, second hand clothes, everything retro!
- Festivals and concerts in July
- Clubs (with 60's music!)
- Other great must-see sights

Post your recommends in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Sophie: Jussieu Musique is the biggest and cheapest bargain store à Paris. A must. For original vinyl yeye and chanson stuff, you should check out "En Avant La Zizique" (a Boris Vian quote, by the way), 8 Rue de Baudelique, pretty much in the Northern outskirts (and not in an area my grandma would visit), but definitely worth to drop by. Bertrand Burgalat's Tricatel Records is in the next building, by the way. Cheers, Le Dude

Lush said...

Thank you very much!!! La Zizique looks great! I wrote all this down in my calender :) Keep 'em coming!!!

modcentric said...

i was in paris last july and it was super! you'll have a great time! =)

i highly recommend you spend several days checking out the Latin Quarter area. cheap food! i ate dinner there almost every day. and there are several old arthouse cinemas there, if you like film. also i remember there are at least 3 record shops in that area. here are two that i remember (because i kept the plastic bags!):

Boulinier (20, Boulevard Saint-Michel)
Silly Melody (14, Boulevard Saint-Michel)

and i also picked up some records at the Saint-Ouen flea market. it's massive, and lots of interesting antiques there, but rather pricey.

ron said...

Just write a few days before you come, i'll show you some gay places & some street that i love in paris. Ron.

bourgogne said...

here's a place where you might find some hidden gems:

32, rue Saint Sébastien - 75011 Paris
M° Saint Sébastien Froissart
Phone : 01 43 14 61 34
01 PM- 8 PM

have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hey Lush - or Sofie(?),
I just found your post about going to Paris. If you haven't left yet, I could give you a certain number of addresses but it would take a very long time. Do you have MSN Messenger or Skype? It would be faster and less painfull for me.
The Mike from Funhouse.