Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Ye ye: Michèle Torr

From the Ye-Ye girls website: First recordings in 1963. 'Dans Mes Bras Oublie Ta Peine'. 'C'est Dur D'Avoir 16 Ans'. Sang Luxembourg's entry in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest 'Ce soir je t'attendais' which finished in 10th place. In 1977 she defected to Monaco to sing 'Une petite francaise' which got 4th place.

Michèle Torr - Dans Mes Bras Oublie Ta Peine



Hello Sofie
This is a very fine singer who has a naturally big and powerful voice but with a great sense of melody.
I think i am right in saying that she only sings in French which is a pity as i would love to hear her sing in English.
I like michele torr very much and she is pretty too which is a nice bonus.

Anonymous said...

she also sings in far-right meetings....