Monday, May 22, 2006

Christine Pilzer

Cinema62 is dead. I just don't have the time at this moment. I will post the classic movietunes and filmclips here from now on :)

Christine Pilzer

This song is one of my all time fav french tracks! Though I puke when I smoke those gross vanilla Cafe Creme's...

Christine Pilzer - Café Crémé

Ebay finds:
Les Triplees record
Yé yé girls article in LIFE Mag 64'


robert said...

christine's great, i've only heard four tracks by her but the more i hear the more i want to hear (if that makes any sense...).

Bruno said...

Yep,she's great,love her songs!


Hi there
This is a truly glorious track full of lovely summer laziness and i am delighted to hear it for the first time. Like Robert i would like to hear more from this lady.