Sunday, September 17, 2006


Jeanette Dimech (October 10, 1951 - ), who performs under the name Jeanette, is an English-born, American-raised singer who has resided in Spain since the age of 12, and who sings primarily in Spanish.

Her greatest success "Porque te vas" (Because you are leaving) was actually written by José Luis Perales and remained relatively unknown at the start of 1974. Only when the song was used in Carlos Saura's 1976 film "Cria Cuervos" (Raise Crows), and the film went on be honoured at the Cannes film festival (Jury grand prize) and the Berlin Film Festival (jury special prize), did the song become internationally known and a hit. In Austria it reached number 13, in Switzerland number 4, and in Germany it even reached number 1. In Japan, obsessive pop music enthusiasts called her the "whispering Lolita" and her records are usually filed under French Yé-Yé or Sixties Pop.

Although after "Porque te vas" Jeanette never achieved similar international success, she continued singing relatively successfully in Spain (and to a lesser degree France) well into the 1990s.

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Jeanette - Porque te vas
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Alan said...

Nice and funny, to hear it again.

You know (it doesn't matter much), I think the title is actually "Por qué te vas" (Why are you leaving).


Lush said...

Thanks Alan, I will correct it then :)

Alan said...

Hey Lush, it's no the same "porque" (because) and "por qué" (why). Just a Spanish lesson in return :)