Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sad sad cheesy love

......these songs brings tears to my eyes.......tears of laughter.

Bernadette Carroll - Hero (1965) (picture)
This song makes "Leader Of The Pack" seem like a nursery rhyme.

Cathy Carroll - Jimmy Love (1964)
Cathy Carroll's "Jimmy Love" tells of her boyfriend's death by lightning.

As requested by Bruno: Peggy March - Doktor


Alan said...

It's not fair, Lush, to compare that hero with the leader of the pack (just kidding). Twinkle's Terry will do it better.

This reminds me of an answer song: Leader of the Laundromat, by the Detergents. Maybe I'll post some answer songs.


mostly said...

Oh so heartbreaking. *giggle* Thanks!

Bruno said...

Thanks Sofie! :)